Tarpon 100 fishing kayak

The Fishing Kayaks that are Worth Every Penny 2016

Finding the best fishing kayak can be a daunting task, especially with the many reviews out there, over the many fishing kayaks out there. Without a good idea of what to expect, a novice fisherman can be easily overwhelmed by the information overload one might encounter when looking for a good kayak for their needs. However, to make things a little easier for you, we’ve taken a look at some of the best rated fishing kayaks out there and have picked a few noteworthy boats from this year. While there’s no guarantee any of these will fit your needs perfectly – many of these may be on the pricy side, so you may want to look for cheaper and older alternatives for your budget – this will give you an idea of what many consider the best of the best, and just what features these kayaks have that make them such high-rated specimens.

Fishing Trip at Daytona Beach Florida

A Great Fishing Trip at Daytona Beach

They say that Daytona Beach is one of the most amazing places on the East Coast, and that the pier there, known also as the “Main Street Pier” by some of the locals, is one of the best places to go fishing off of in the world. Now, a lofty reputation such as that is bound to attract crowds from all over. Heck, with a name like “Main Street Pier,” there has to be a lot of people walking around there at all times. I was skeptical about how something so populated, so popular as the Dayton Beach Pier could be one of the best fishing sites in Florida, let alone the entire world.

Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Reviews

Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Reviews

Wildgame innovation cameras are a line of camera that is truly of the highest quality, and favored among novices and experts alike. These cameras are completely trustworthy in their quality and durability, easy to use for anyone, and are essential as well as ideal for any hunting need of yours. Their line of trail cameras can be sorted in to three major categories or series including the Razor series, the Crush series and the Commander series. Buying any among these cameras, tailored to your exact needs and requirements, will significantly improve your hunting experience and game. Here are top 3 best trail camera reviews for recommendation. You could read more trail camera reviews at www.trailcameraexpert.com

Choosing the best Compound Bow

Choosing A Compound Bow

Compound bow is a modern version of the traditional bow. Once you have mastered your skills on the traditional bow and are a regular bull’s eye shooter, it might now be time for you to consider something a bit more challenging and find yourself the right compound bow for you. If you want to be a part of an advanced archery course to further hone your hunting skills, or if you are merely on the market for some adventure, getting a compound bow and using it shoot targets is a very fun and exciting option for you.

Fishhunter Pro Review – Useful Equipment For Pier Fishing

Fishhunter Pro Review – Useful Equipment For Pier Fishing

A slow response speed can make an otherwise functional and fully-featured portable fish finder a bit of a bust, especially when using one for pier fishing. Waiting for your fish finder’s display to refresh can be a bit of a hassle when looking for fish underneath a pier, especially if you have other fishers nearby looking for the same fish. And since the nature of pier fishing doesn’t lend itself very well to using other, more powerful fish finders – you’ve got no boat to mount the thing on, for one – it would seem like looking for a portable fish finder that updates as fast as one would like it to might be a major hassle. Reading more best fish finder reviews!